Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Ten Wardrobe Essentials For Men

Prior to building a functional wardrobe, a guy must initially assess his lifestyle. If he needs to put on a suit every day, he will require several suits. For a casual work environment, he would require more khakis or jeans compared to trousers or suits. Regardless of his situation, there are things every man should have in his wardrobe.

1. A suit (navy or gray):
Although suit is needed only for a couple of times a year, it would be nice to have it readily available when those occasions occur. Gray or navy suits are suitable for many occasions as they are neutral and hence can go with any color, combination, skin tone, and occasion. You can also put on the blazer with khakis or jeans. This is a thing really worth spending some money on.

2. Black shoes and belt:
These can be worn with slacks, jeans and your suit and hence an essential combo. Before purchasing brown, get black. They would prove to be more beneficial especially while attending more formal or evening functions.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Become a Fashion Designer With These Basic Steps

Becoming a fashion designer is a creative journey in uncovering the student's likes and dislikes. Styles and fads come and go and then come around again. This is true of the fashion design industry also, particularly so! The industry is often influenced by the entertainment industry (television, movies, music, etc.) For example, "That 70's Show" gave hippie fashion a new comeback chic. This is true of other movies as well. A great example of this would be "Pirates of the Caribbean" that brought about a huge influx of skull and cross bones designs. The typical pirate symbol, more related to a gothic or punk style, became mainstream after the debut of the movies.

This pop culture influence inspires mass market designers. However, couture fashion designers strive to be the source of the inspiration rather than an imitator. The difference between this can be found in the training of the merchandiser versus the designer. Many aspiring fashion designers choose to go into fashion merchandising. However, these two fields require slightly different curriculum. One will focus on sales, marketing, and business where as the other--fashion design--will focus on creativity and imagination in bringing ideas and concepts to life.

Following middle school, students can choose college preparation courses to direct their educational tracks to their own possible careers. For a student wishing to take the path of a designer of any type, art classes are essential to building the basic knowledge and core concepts that they will use.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Choose Perfect Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

Plus size cocktail dresses are great for a night out. They're flirty and fun, without being too dressed up and formal. For full-figured women, choosing plus size dresses with a strategic cut is important. When your best assets are your curves, there's no reason to hide um. It's all a matter of de-emphasizing certain parts of your body you don't want to draw attention to. This can be done by choosing plus size cocktail dresses with the right cut and fit.

The cut needs to be something that emphasizes and defines, so if you have a naturally large bust, wearing a low cut top would be overkill. Drawing attention to a naturally attention-grabbing body part will only work to your disadvantage. Opt for something with more coverage. For large-breasted women, plus size cocktail dresses with an empire waist works best, as it defines your waist. This cut also works well with those who have broader hips, as it helps draw attention away from that area. Empire waist plus size dresses usually have a flowing skirt.

Choose plus size cocktail dresses with a ¾ length sleeve to hide flabby arms

Many full figured women are self-conscious with their arms. If you are one of them, you can still step out in style. Choose plus size cocktail dresses with a ¾ length sleeve. These plus size dresses are still stylish, but helps minimize flabby arms. You can still opt for sleeveless plus size cocktail dresses, one with a wider strap as they make shoulders look a lot narrower.

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