Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Type of Jeans Should Bigger Women Wear?

Kymaro Jeans are the answer to every girl's prayers. We all know what it's like trying to find that perfect pair of jeans. You try on dozens of styles and can't find a single pair that fits right. They either make you look too big here, or too big there, or they pinch in places you don't want to mention. And let's not even talk about low-rise jeans and muffin tops! Yes, Kymaro jeans solve all those problems and then some.

Shopping for jeans is a nightmare. And it doesn't help that styles change every week. When you finally do find a pair that you feel good in they're out of style before you even get a chance to show them off. And that's assuming, of course, that you can actually find a pair you like. Most women end up settling for a less than what they're really looking for.

You know what it's like. They fit perfectly in the hips but you can't get them snapped. Or they fit just right around your waist but they make your back side look huge. One size is too baggy and you look like a frump but the next size is too tight and all you can see is lumps. And don't even think about gaining even one pound of weight!

But Kymaro Curve Control Jeans are the one pair of jeans you can always rely on. Feeling a little bloated today? Afraid to even look at your jeans? Don't worry. The specially designed stretchable denim in these jeans makes that monthly weight gain or bloating problem disappear. And they have a slightly higher rise than standard jeans which makes them fit better around your waste, eliminating that ugly muffin top that squeezes out over the top of those designer jeans.

The problem with standard jeans is that they're all cut to fit the same, slender body shape. And as women, we know that perfect shape only exists on runways and even that's questionable. But standard jeans, because of their stiff fabric and cookie-cutter design, are only meant to look perfect on one person - the person who modeled for that designer.

Kymaro jeans take into consideration the fact the we all come in different shapes and sizes and even two people who wear the same size won't look the same in the same pair of jeans. The stretchable denim weave fabric allows them to conform to each individual figure for a sleeker fit with no bunching or puckering.

In fact, you'll look better than ever, especially from the rear. Kymaro Curve Control Jeans have smaller back pockets, positioned in just the right spot to give you a shapelier looking derriere and they're specially designed to lift and reshape your curves so you look even better from behind.


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